Parco S. Giuliano - Mestre

Pedestrian cable-stayed footbridge

Impresa Mantovani
Arch. Di Mambro
Construction Year
Technical Specifications
140 m long, the walkway has two ramps north and south respectively of 112 I 73 m, which allow the crossing. The bridge that forms the backbone of the bridge is bound to two shoulders reinforced concrete at the ends, and is supported by peening stays anchored to a steel column placed exactly at the midpoint of the structure, made stable by suitable cross braces. The structure was built by two beam dump, located to the side of the transverse connection, supporting the longitudinal profiles on which is laid the flooring planks treated. The horizontal bracing, which increases the stability is guaranteed by diagonal bars. The stays are anchored outside the lateral beams, thanks to the heads of stringing the top of the columns