Footbridge - Dozza (BO)

Pedestrian cable-stayed footbridge

Comune di Bologna
Prof. Ing. Massimo Majoviecki
Dozza (BO)
Construction Year
Technical Specifications
Cable-stayed bridge that spans, 100 m free span, the highway traffic. Two stands for "A" open at the tax of about 10 m, tilted and contrasted in the middle, are the main carrier system. The boxed sections variables profiles are optimized and follow the progress of efforts. The bridge gently curved, has a central minimum width of 2.5 m to 10 m at the ends. The support of the latter is formed by a system of ropes consisting of a series of stays convergent key and opened like a fan, who led efforts to suspend the midpoints of the stands in conjunction with the "chains" tubular. Assembly by shifting on motorized trolley.