M.B.M. - Steel Buildings


Flying view of MBM plants

M.B.M. - Steel Constructions is a multivalent company, operating in the field of building by means of industrialized prefabrication systems: as responsible for design, production and erection on site of steel structural works and integrated elements for roofings and coverings, structural walls and for inner fitting and arrangements.
As an estabilished proposal-making interlocutor with contracting abilities MBM has dealt with the markets internationalization for long and has reacted to it through a differentiated offer in works, systems, services and products.
The bent for a service aimed at solving various problems is the first MBM's strategic quality but the awarness of its own social responsability in planning, designing and building is not secondly taken into consideration.

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The architect of the future will be able to make use of a wide range of separate interchangeable parts of the building, manufactured in series, by machines, freely available on the market; he or she will use them to create buildings of different shapes and sizes.
Gropius (1930)