Historical photos of MBM

The business was begun by four partners in 1969, was known as M.M.B.M s.n.c., and was a wholly artisan enterprise.
Since its outset that small company has constantly expanded and developed as it has taken on ever larger and more challenging markets.
Right from the beginning M.M.B.M has been located at its present site, building its first two sheds of about 1300 square metres with 100 square metres of annexed office space. In 1972 a new shed and offices of about 1100 square metres was added. In 1985 further building work was carried out for another 1000 square metres; at that point the partnership became the limited company M.B.M s.r.l. and assumed its new role as an engineering company manufacturing structural metal work.

The new 120 x 45 metre metal work shed was opened, thus providing a covered production area of about 9000 in a total factory area of about 35000 square metres.
The two-storey office block was then built in 1997, with a surface area of 600 square metres.
Work began in 1999 on the company's new administrative offices.

Since 2002 the company becomes M.B.M. S.p.A. (joint-stock company), and in 2003 the industrial settlement is completed with the erection of a directional building on three levels, for a total surface of 1800 square metres for offices and services.

Historical photos of MBMHistorical photos of MBMHistorical photos of MBM